Jeanette Michelle is from Chicago Illinois - now resides in Tennessee. Jeanette is also the founder of Dark Mantis Enterprises and producer and host of the Dark Mantis Talk Show.

Mycall was the first book published out of 50 written manuscripts. Currently, Jeanette has published eight novels, Mycall, Taking Care of Henry, You can’t save them all, Millicent Quinones, Tapestry, Mycall Book 2, and There are Millions. Jeanette Michelle published her first poem, “Misunderstanding,” in 1997. Jeanette written, produced, and directed her first play in 1998 and became a Freelance writer for “Women in Journey” Magazine (from 2006 - 2007) and nominated for Best Indie Author of 2012 HHV.

Jeanette is currently working on her first documentary and four new novels. The first installment of the novel series “Inappropriate Lovers,” currently available on Amazon.com (Click on the books link for purchasing options).

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